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CLO Electronique | Our Abilities
Our abilities
CLO Electronique
Our Abilities
Conception control
Study of products
Study of filtered connectors
Integration of electronics in our connectors
Control of the process of conception and development
Analysis of the value
Functional analysis
AMDEC product
Commercial Commitment
Follow-up of products
Customer assistance
Management of stock availability
Description of services
Participation and elaboration of specifications
Product study respecting the specifications
Identification and resolution of blocking points
Finalisation of drawings by study on DAO 2D AUTOCAD
Realisation of volume prototypes and functional prototypes
Intergration of possible evolutions after validation of the technical choices
Tests, Validation and industrialization
Realisation of the pre-series and the series
Quality control
Control of manufacturing process
Product origin and follow-up
Requirement of quality and lead time